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International Association of
Anthroposophic Pharmacists


IAAP Further Education Committee (IFEC)

The IAAP Further Education Committee (IFEC) has been newly established in 2020. It is responsible for the structure and organisation of the further education program for pharmacists specialised in anthroposophic pharmacy.


  • Annette Greco
  • Salete Klett
  • Dr. Monica Mennet-von Eiff
  • Albert Schmidli
  • Friederike Tews

The IFEC has the following tasks:

  1. Creation of a new version of the International Further Education Regulation (IFER - current version of September 2021) and adaptation to the IWO document (GAPiD) including the development of certification guidelines.
  2. Preparation and provision of information leaflets, application forms etc. for the further education program.
  3. Monitoring and supervision of the certification processes, e.g. admission to further education and to the final examination, assessment of project work, issuance of certificates, etc.
  4. Provision of educational / teaching materials and, if necessary, organization of translating these into the English language.