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International Association of
Anthroposophic Pharmacists


Seek for the real, the practical, the material life
But seek for it thus, that it does not dull you down
Towards the Spirit, which is living in it.

Seek for the Spirit
But not out of supersensible lust, out of supersensible egoism,
But seek for the Spirit
Because you wish to use it selflessly
In the practical life, in the material world.

Employ the old principle:-
“Spirit is never without matter”
“Matter is never without Spirit”

In such a way, that you say:-
We will do all the material deeds
In the light of the Spirit.
And we will seek for the light of the Spirit
That it brings forth warmth for our practical deeds.

Rudolf Steiner
Ref: “Supersensible Knowledge and Social Pedagogical Life” 
– Stuttgart – September 23rd 1919.