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International Association of
Anthroposophic Pharmacists

International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacy


Anthroposophic pharmacy is derived from two sources: "material" science on the one hand, and "spiritual" science on the other. Neither one may be taken in isolation. Anthroposophy recognizes a relationship between human beings and nature through their common evolution. This relationship is the basis for anthroposophic pharmacy. Man and nature have a common history; gradually man has emancipated himself from nature. In illness man finds himself becoming similar to the processes in nature. In order to regain control over his humanity, transformed natural substances can be given. The International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacy IAAP is the governing body of the international community of anthroposophic pharmacists within the Medical Section of the Gotheanum.

The aims are:

  • to set standards for national associations who wish to be recognised as members of the IAAP
  • to welcome individual pharmacists as members from countries, where no national anthroposophic pharmacist associations exist
  • to represent also professionals working in the field of Anthroposophic Pharmacy
  • to represent Anthroposophic Pharmacy at international level
  • to give guidance for further training in Anthroposophic Pharmacy in order to enable national training programmes
  • to certify national training programmes 
  • certify individuals according to specific requirements where no national training programmes exists
  • to award pharmacies with the Anthromed® Pharmacy label if they ensure a specific quality assurance system for anthroposophic pharmacies
  • to elaborate quality standards for pharmceutical preparations through a detailed documentation of pharmaceutical processes and substances (APC)

APC 5.1 published

Version 5.1 of the Anthropsophic Pharmaceutical Codex (APC) was published recently. For more details see here …

More Details

WHO Benchmarks

World Health Organization publishes Training Standards for Anthroposophic Medicine

Press Release (IVAA)

Translations (WHO)

Central-North and Eastern Europe Training Program

5 years program of Training in Anthroposophic Pharmacy

Programs (PDF)

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To facilitate colleagueship between anthroposophic pharmacists world-wide by the active building of community between anthroposophic pharmacists you are wellcome to join the IAAP, for the purpose of

  • organising workshops/conferences
  • widening anthroposophic pharmacy awareness, especially in retail pharmacists
  • research into anthroposophic pharmaceutical matters
  • support the elobaration of quality standards to ensure legal recognition of anthroposophic pharmacy

We wish to act as a centre of information for anthroposophic pharmacists and to share best practice world-wide.

Country Associations

Individual Membership